Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blog #3

This year’s theme of 4,105 Balloons represents all of the students that are apart of creating a legacy at CBU. Each student has enrolled to this university with some goal in mind, whether it’s to become a doctor or just graduate with a bachelor’s degree. Whatever the reason for attending school each student is a part of the process of another year in CBU history.
Since day one of enrolling to CBU it has been my dream to become a sports broadcaster. With that said I declared a major in Journalism with a minor in Public Relations. Another dream of mine has been to influence as many lives as I can to bring others to Christ. It was not until this past month that I have honestly truly dedicated my life to doing whatever it is he wants me to do. I have laid down all my own desires and have realized that there is more to life than achieving our own personal goals. These past two months have been such a wonderful journey being fully devoted to God. The beginning of the year was a rough time for me that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The pain that I experienced forced me to lean on God. It is incredible how God uses us our pain to achieve the plan he has for us. Upon this growth process I was baptized and became involved with training with my church so that I can be involved with a ministry in the future. This training process has opened my eyes so much to God’s beauty and how much I want to live for him. I have never felt this type of happiness. I have learned that God will use you in anyway if your heart is willing. Through this training of becoming a leader I have realized my passion. My heartbreaks for girls and women who are just broken whether it’s from relationships, homelessness, abuse, or anything else. I have become so in love with God that I would be willing to take off of school wherever he calls me to lead.
My training leader and I have discussed possibly starting a ministry for women who are broken. Starting this ministry would be my ultimate dream. I am still pursuing to become a sports broadcaster but if that does not work out I will not loose hope that God has something better in store for me. Through my growth process I realized that God has created me to create relationships so that I may bring others to feel his love and joy. It is my prayer that they may see Christ through the way I live my life with the words I speak and actions I make.

**written for JRN 412

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