Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Madeline: Thee Little Miss Sunshine (Final Blog JRN 215.)

Once upon a time there was a little girl by the name of Madeline. She had the biggest and deepest blue eyes than one had ever seen. She was the opposite of insipid in fact she was very impassioned in everything that she did. Though she was a young girl it did not stop people from looking up to her. She had a very keen personality, always enthusiastic and bubbly no matter how grey the skies turned. Everyone that met her admired her most for being so cunning. No matter how hard the task that was given to her she continued to stay determined in achieving her goals. When Madeline was not busy playing volleyball, practicing the piano, surfing, or spending time with her friends she was often seen telling stories to her little sister, Anna, for she was quite the raconteur. Anna enjoyed her sister’s stories the most because she told them in a colloquial which made it easy for Anna to comprehend. The only request that Madeline had from Anna for reading is that when she became tired that Anna would act in compliance and agree to go to be too.
Madeline’s story of the furious unicorn always made it difficult for Anna to comply with her older sister’s request. The story was the most popular out of all the events that Madeline had experienced. One day as Madeline was walking home from school she came across a unicorn that was stuck in an adhesive pile of molasses. Madeline was so shocked at this site for she had been imposed to accept that unicorns only appeared in fairytales. She had been raised from a conservative partisan that believed that things such as knights in shining armors, dwarfs, and unicorns only happened in the after life. “Am I dreaming or is this for real?”, Madeline asked herself. Before she could let her imagine further more a little dwarf jumped out of shrub nearby. “Well hello there miss! I am looking for a terrorist that skyjacked my plane. Have you seen anyone carrying any weapons?”, stated the dwarf. Madeline was terrified at this site not only because it was very unexpected but also, due to the fact that he was speaking nonsense as he waved a wand around. It was not long until she realized the dwarf had shrewd and possibly dangerous magical powers. Now, while all this was taking place the unicorn still remained in the pile of molasses. The unicorn tried to do everything in its power to get out of the mess however did not succeed. It was not until words of madness came out of the dwarf that that unicorn was set free. The little guy profligate his wand in unnecessary ways that caused it to slip out of his hand in land in the pile of molasses. The next few words of his mouth were not one of euphemism but instead forthright. His words were so cruel that it saddened the unicorn to death. The dwarf died right after due to painstaking heart attack.
And this was the story that Madeline told Anna whenever she needed some cheering. For some odd and twisted reason it always brought a smile to Anna’ s face.