Friday, February 26, 2010

blog #2


It was a cold wintery morning as Kelly laid in bed waiting for the heater to turn on. Confusion, dizziness, and a slight case of amnesia filled her as she attempted to remember yesterday’s events. The only thing that she recalled was getting ready for Anna’s birthday with some of their closest friends. Kelly winced as she propped herself to sit up. It was the touch of her hand on her hand that gave her an outline of what happened the previous day.

Kelly had a happy go lucky life. She was blessed with many things, a great education, wonderful friends and family, and good health. Everything was running smoothly in her life. Sure, there were minor bumps here and there but overall life was wonderful. This was all true until yesterday, January 15th rolled around. It was a day that Kelly was looking very forward to, as it was a day of celebration for one of her best friends, Anna. In honor of Anna’s birthday five of her closest friends were going to hit the hottest dance club, which was located in Hollywood. It was just going to be a fun, clean, good, no-boys night on the town. Little did anyone expect that this fun night on the town would result in one of the most tragic events in their life.

The girls met up at Tina’s place in Long Beach since she lived the closest to the club. The girls planned to come back to Tina’s to spend the night. The girls laughed, sang, and squealed in excitement for the night’s agenda. It was a few hours of beautifying themselves before they decided that their look and attire was as good as it was going to get.

Natalya, one of Anna’s other close friends took reign of the wheel because she had the biggest vehicle, a raised Toyota Tundra truck. Anna took the shotgun seat as Kelly, Tina, and Shyra piled in the back. It was a good 30-minute drive to their destination without any traffic. The girls were having the time of their life as the music blared their favorite Kelly Clarkson song. They were filled with so much joy, happiness, and excitement. Nothing could steal away this moment together until, “BAM!” The truck began to spinout. The girls’ shrieks were no longer of excitement but of terror. Natalya attempted to gain control of the wheel but it was too late.

All five girls were taken to the nearest hospital and checked in as being in critical condition. It was not until earlier this morning that Kelly found out what happened. To the description of an eyewitness, Natalya apparently missed her turn and made a U-turn. As she was making the U-turn the driver from the direction she was turning had dropped his phone and reached down to grab it. The driver looked down a second too long and nailed Natalya’s car. It was pronounced this morning that all of the girls died except for Kelly.

**written for JRN 415

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

my favorite day

I love Wednesdays because:

--I work for the athletic department.--
--Baseball game.--
--A lot of relaxation time.--

Verse of the week:

"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him."- 1 Corinthians 2:9