Sunday, June 21, 2009

relationships are beautiful

It's amazing how people come into our lives for just a season whether it is for a second or for the rest of our lives. God is so amazing in the way He works different people into our lives for His glory and honor. It fascinates me how it so perfectly cultivates who it is he wants us to become. A great example is the torturous feeling of getting your heart broken. It's so hard to see the goodness of getting your heart broken until months later. I've realized how hard it is to see the beauty of the breakup until I'm actually out of it. Sometimes God allows that other person to break your heart so that you can fully "get out of it." It's true, God does bless the broken road so that you may be with the one you're meant to be with. Relationships are beautiful gifts given to us humans in his perfect timing. For quite some time I was lead to believe that relationships only occurred to make people feel good. However, lately I've realized that it foes deeper than that. It's about growing as a person with someone you genuinely care about, striving for the same goal. This goal is thanking God for the relationship with everything your relationships stands, from all your thoughts to all your actions. Some people have been misled to believe that it's all about themselves and getting what they want; whether it's sex, popularity, or fill in the blank. Being in a relationship requires for both parties to be selfless and willing to make compromises and more importantly following through with them. This initially requires respect for one another and their own self. With the three relationships that I've had each have taught me important lessons of life and have influence me to become a better person. With Joe i learned that it's possible to care a lot about a person but not fully be in love. With Chris I've learned that independence is essential in being in a relationship. Sinful pleasures are only temporary and come with hurtful consequences. Never make someone your priority when they're only your option. And as for the relationship I am in right now I've learned so much. I've learned what it means to fully love someone and the many ways to show it. A certain amount of months doesn't have to pass before you can tell someone that you love them. Patience is a true virtue. Each person has their insecurities but never let it get the best of your or your relationship because at the end of the day the things that occurred in the past brought you to where you are right now. Never regret anything because at one point in time it was what you wanted. God has blessed me tremendously with all these relationships. Brett has brought out the best in me in so many ways and I continually fall in love with him and his never ceasing love.

** The first two names were changed.

Monday, June 8, 2009

it's not about you or me

It's amazing how often we take things for granted and under appreciate one another, whether it's a friend or a family member. What makes us think that we "deserve" what we get? I mean in all reality we shouldn't deserve anything right, because of our sinful nature, right? Everything should be received as a surprise. But yet, we as humans get so caught up with the here and now that we often forget that it's not about you or me, it's about the man upstairs. We should be grateful for every single blessing that he bestows upon us, no matter how big or small it may be. Perhaps this is just be blabbering but, it was on my heart so I figured to let it out. I respect your thoughts so give me some feedback, if you'd like. :)