Friday, January 23, 2009


What is Christianity? Is it just another label? No, it is not. As a matter of fact it is something greater than that. Christianity is a way of life. Being a Christian requires a lot of discipline, courage and, strength. Perhaps, this may be another reason why there is not as many believers in the world. Though, we may not be able to see God, it is essential that we have great faith in Him. Faith in Christ can be compared to an analogy I remember hearing in the classic movie, A Walk to Remember, "love is like the wind and though you can not see it you can feel its presence everywhere." It never really occurred to me until my freshmen year in high school, that there is so much more to being a Christian than attending church every Sunday.
For as long as I can remember, waking up early every Sunday to attend church was a must. I was a raised my whole life as a member of the United Methodist Church. This was mainly because my father was raised as a Methodist. 
I did not mind going to church. I mean after all who would pass up an offer of free doughnuts and fruit punch? I did not think of church as more than a weekly family outing until the year of 2004.  That year was a year of many changes. Not only was I beginning a new chapter in my life but I also was also changing dramatically as a person; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 
During this time period of renewal I was going through a rough time with things at home. My parents' relationship was very rocky and on the verge of falling part. Due to their stubbornness and lack of communicating with one another I was forced to be their mediator. They would both give me messages to relay to one another. Whenever the message was incorrectly delivered I was the one to be blamed for it. The yelling and screaming was non-stop. It got to the point where I could no longer take it. There were times when I just wanted to give up and forget about life. There were several situations where I was close to just ending my life. However, thankfully God intervened with my ignorance and showed me an alternate route.
Before, recommitting my life to Christ I did not think there was any point to living. It hurt a lot to see the two people that I loved the most tear each other down. I was lost and confused. How could two people who claimed to love each other say such hurtful things to one another.
I am so grateful that my parents made me attend a private Christian school because honestly, if I was not surrounded with that atmosphere I would not have the opportunity to share my testimony. During that time of difficulty I turned to my newly acquainted friends and teachers.
There was something about many of them that made them seem different. They seemed to be at peace and constantly happy even when things did not always go their way. I became more interested in their way of life and, was determined to figure out what it was that made them seem so tranquil.
It was at a retreat that my high school attends yearly in which I recommitted my life to God. The speaker that night during chapel just blew me away with the things he spoke about. He commented that," we as sinners do not deserve any of God's love but he continues to love us the same despite our flaws. The statement that stood out to me the most was, "God does not put tribulations in our lives to hurt us but instead, to make us stronger." After hearing that message I decided to recommit my life to Christ. I realized that living a life that is glorifying to Him is the most I can give him. I pledged that very day to live solely for Christ and do everything my power to glorify Him.
Since that day my life has not been the same. My spiritual growth has affected me emotionally, mentally, and physically. I have become more confident in who I am. I feel healthier and renewed. I have such a passion for living life. I am more motivated than before to accomplish the goals I have set for myself. Though it is not always easy being a Christian it is worth the ridicule from others that comes with it.