Monday, December 14, 2009

my niche

With the experience and the many opportunities I have been given this semester I have discovered my niche. I wrote for sports, features, cultures, and news section this semester. The section that has stood at the most is sports. Perhaps it could be because I was once an athlete and have a love for almost any game. From previous experience I understand how much dedication, sacrifice, and hard work must go into a sport in order to be successful. Therefore, I have decided to focus my blog in the field of sports.

There are innumerous amounts of sports but the ones I would like to concentrate on are: volleyball, football, basketball, and baseball. Last summer I was given the opportunity to work as a media intern with a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Dodgers. It opened my eyes to see how much I truly enjoyed working in the field of sports. After every home game me and another intern would crank out a press release. It was a challenge at first, not only learning how to write a press release but also working under pressure. As difficult as it was I enjoyed it nonetheless.

In researching other sports blogs I have come to find that people I searched have written their own opinion of the topic they were covering. It was not really unbiased writing which was encouraging to know that I my writing does not always have to be unbiased.

I look forward to narrowing my blog on a certain topic rather than it being part personal life and part school related. Though I will miss blogging about everyday life, this will be a great chance for me to gain experience in writing in a more professional manner. It will also be beneficial to any readers who specifically were not able to catch the game or would like information on the latest sports talk. So enough with the past nonsense and on to real life in the journalism work force!

**written for JRN 215